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JM Acoustic

Microphone Clips, Mounts, Holders & Accessories


JM Acoustic microphone positioning systems are designed and developed by recording engineers for real-world recording environments.

JMA mic clips optimize stereo microphone positioning. Our microphone systems were developed by working engineers for real-world recording situations. These systems will not droop, sag or otherwise lose their geometry during use. JMA mic clips are durable, easy to use, quick to position, and offer consistent, reliable and repeatable results without endless fiddling or adjustment. Unlike a typical stereo bar, JMAcoustic positioners are precisely tuned for optimum stereo imaging. 

Our Services

Stereo Microphone Arrays

Mic Mounts and Positioners

Custom Mounts and Solutions

We manufacture a variety of near-coincident and coincident microphone positioning systems. MS, XY, ORTF, DIN and NOS are some of the standard geometries available. Every recording situation calls for a different technique or blend of techniques. Our positioning products allow engineers to quickly transition between a variety of solid stereo images. Our “clips” are made of a durable nylon and are sized to your microphones.

Boundary layer mounts, instrument mounts, shock mounts, cable hangers and flying accessories are among the the many problem solving tools we provide.

Need an acoustic baffle for an obscure Swedish microphone? A micro XY clip for a European mic stand? How about a iPhone mount for a quick-release tripod? The above are all custom order items that we are proud to have provided. Send us an email!


Don’t let your hardware be a distraction


XY Microphone Clips


MS Microphone Clips

See the XY page

See the MS page


Stereo mounts for coincident placement. It’s the tried and true technique for superior mono-compatibility. Learn more.

Microphone Baffles


Stereo mounts for mid-side coincident placement. MS is useful for adjusting the stereo width electronically, in post. Learn more

Misc Clips, Mounts and Hangers

See the Baffles page

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Tools for acoustically varying the frequency response and directionality of your microphones. Learn more.

Mic hangers, instrument attachments, lavalier clips, phone mounts, etc. Learn more.


NOS Stereo Mic Clips


Boundary  Microphone Mounts

See the NOS page

See the Boundary page

Go wide with 30cm spacing. Offers a greater sence of spaciousness and less localization than ORTF or DIN. Learn more.

Boundary or “Boundary Layer” mounts attach to any flat surface with Gaffer’s tape. They are very useful for minimizing “short reflections”. Learn more.