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MS Stereo Mic Clips


MS Microphone Clip

Many sizes available


Stereo mic clip for mounting two 20mm diameter microphones in the MS  coincident configuration. MS is useful for adjusting the stereo width electronically, in post, while offering good mono compatibility.

The MS or Mid-Side technique typically uses one cardioid and on side-adress figure-8 microphone.

May be attached directly to a standard US 5/8” thread mic stand, but we suggest using the clip in conjunction with a swivel adaptor such as the WindTech MA-1, OnStage MM01, or Triad M1-R.

Our microphone products generally come in five different sizes: Universal, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm, however, multiple sizes are available. We can fit any microphone.

See compatibility chart for sizing.





XY Microphone Clips


MS Microphone Clips

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Stereo mounts for coincident placement. It’s the tried and true technique for superior mono-compatibility. Learn more.

Microphone Baffles


Stereo mounts for mid-side coincident placement. MS is useful for adjusting the stereo width electronically, in post. Learn more

Misc Clips, Mounts and Hangers

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Tools for acoustically varying the frequency response and directionality of your microphones. Learn more.

Mic hangers, instrument attachments, lavalier clips, phone mounts, etc. Learn more.


NOS Stereo Mic Clips


Boundary  Microphone Mounts

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Go wide with 30cm spacing. Offers a greater sence of spaciousness and less localization than ORTF or DIN. Learn more.

Boundary or “Boundary Layer” mounts attach to any flat surface with Gaffer’s tape. They are very useful for minimizing “short reflections”. Learn more.