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Microphone Sizing


Our microphone products generally come in five different sizes: Universal, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm. Please see the microphone sizing chart below.

Microphone Size List:

12mm diameter microphones
Audix M1250B
Audix M1255B

19mm diameter microphones
Senn MKH 8000 SeriesAK
AKG Acoustics c451
AKG Acoustics c452
AKG Acoustics SE300B
DPA 4011
DPA 4015
DPA 4018

20mm diameter microphones
Rode NT55
Rode NT5
Schoeps Mikrofone CMC 5
Schoeps Mikrofone CMC 6
Shure SM81
Oktava MK-012

21mm diameter microphones
Neumann KM 84
AKG Acoustics C460B
Beyerdynamic MC 910
Beyerdynamic MC 930
Beyerdynamic MC 950
Audio-Technica AT2021
Audio-Technica AT2031
Audio-Technica AT3031
Audio-Technica AT3032
Audio-Technica AT4021
Audio-Technica AT4022
Audio-Technica AT4031
Audio-Technica AT4041
Audio-Technica AT4049a
Audio-Technica AT4049b
Audio-Technica AT4051a
Audio-Technica AT4051b
Audio-Technica AT4053a
Audio-Technica AT4053b
Josephson Engineering C42

22mm diameter microphones
Neumann KM 183
Neumann KM 184
Neumann KM 185

28mm diameter microphones
SE Electronics SE5


XY Microphone Clips


MS Microphone Clips

See the XY page

See the MS page


Stereo mounts for coincident placement. It’s the tried and true technique for superior mono-compatibility. Learn more.

Microphone Baffles


Stereo mounts for mid-side coincident placement. MS is useful for adjusting the stereo width electronically, in post. Learn more

Misc Clips, Mounts and Hangers

See the Baffles page

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Tools for acoustically varying the frequency response and directionality of your microphones. Learn more.

Mic hangers, instrument attachments, lavalier clips, phone mounts, etc. Learn more.


NOS Stereo Mic Clips


Boundary  Microphone Mounts

See the NOS page

See the Boundary page

Go wide with 30cm spacing. Offers a greater sence of spaciousness and less localization than ORTF or DIN. Learn more.

Boundary or “Boundary Layer” mounts attach to any flat surface with Gaffer’s tape. They are very useful for minimizing “short reflections”. Learn more.